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Our team at Phoenix Furniture Outlet understands that creating the perfect home office isn’t always easy. In some cases there is limited space, and in others there is a limited budget. Both of these circumstances make it more challenging to find and buy the right home office furniture.

The good news is that your home office doesn’t need to take up a lot of space or money in order to function efficiently. As long as you get these ten home office staples, you can create a pleasant and productive work environment.

Create a Pleasant and Productive Work Environment


There is no such thing as the best desk for everyone, so think about who will be using the desk most and find one that suits his or her needs. Most importantly, find a desk height that allows the back and body to remain in a comfortable, upright position while typing or writing. You shouldn’t have to slouch down or reach too high up, and your wrists should be horizontal and relaxed. Also look for a desk that provides a comfortable amount of legroom.

Another important factor to consider is how much surface area the desk provides. Some desks are wider and longer than others, so consider what you’ll be using the desk for to determine what shape and size you need. For example, if you need to fit a computer, keyboard and a textbook on the desk, ensure that the desk you choose is able to do so.

An Office Chair

An office chair is an important pick. Not only will it make working a comfortable or uncomfortable experience, it will also affect your sitting posture and the amount of strain that is placed on your spine. For optimal comfort, choose a desk chair that provides just enough back support and seat padding. Avoid chairs that make it easy to lean back or slouch down, as they will make it more difficult to maintain good posture.

Finally, look for a chair with adjustable armrests. Not everyone rests their arms at the same height, so it is important that the chair can be adjusted to the user’s needs – especially if the chair will be shared.


Cabinets are an excellent storage option for a home office that is holding hard copies. For those with limited space, opt for a vertical cabinet that takes up less room but can still store a fair amount of paperwork. As an alternative option, find a desk that comes with built-in cabinets to save space.

It’s also a good idea to purchase a cabinet with wheels. This will give you the flexibility to store the cabinet anywhere and roll it out when it is needed. A mobile cabinet is perfect for those who have extra closet space and only need occasional access to their hard copies.

Hidden Storage

Storage can make an office look unorganized or overcrowded if it is not used correctly. While bins and containers can be great space savers, they can also make an office look chaotic and stressful.

Go for different types of hidden storage to add room for the things you need to store while creating an environment that is calm and clutter-free. For example, take advantage of chairs and ottomans with secret storage compartments. You can also use a wooden folding screen to hide boxes or files that make the room look messy.

Lamp or Light Fixture

It is important to have a considerable amount of light in an office environment, as well as the right type. These two factors will make it much easier to stay awake and alert while you are working.

Consider placing a light fixture in different corners of the room to evenly brighten up your office space. Also, get a lamp for your desk so there is plenty of light where you need it most. Make sure to use the appropriate light bulbs to ensure you have the light that is best suited for your eyes.


A bookcase is ideal for a person whose line of work will require the use of textbooks and reference materials. It can also be used as a storage place for DVDs, small bins and knick-knacks.

Because bookcases can be rather big and bulky, look for one that can be easily taken apart and reassembled just in case it doesn’t fit through your office door. Also consider the bookcase’s height, as some can be taller than the entire room. Finally, it’s best to buy one that has adjustable shelving units so that you can customize the height of the shelves.

Surge protector

In today’s generation, no office is complete without electronics – and no electronic equipment is safe without a surge protector. Keep in mind that a surge protector is different from a power strip, which only provides more ports. In addition to offering more ports, a surge protector protects your plugged-in electronics from power surges.

When choosing a surge protector, consider how many ports you will need. If you plan to have a computer, printer and lighting fixtures in the room, you will probably need at least four ports. You should also verify that the surge protector is a “transient voltage surge protector” to ensure it will protect anything that is plugged into it.

Fire-Safe Box or disaster-proof Hard Drive

Whether the majority of your work is digitized or in a hard copy, every home office needs a safe place to keep important files. If most of your files are primarily digitized, consider getting a disaster-proof hard drive. If you are working primarily with hard copies, opt for a fire safe box that can store paperwork and records.

Because these home office furniture essentials come in all shapes and sizes, choosing the right option can be difficult. By comparing your top picks and reading product reviews, you can make a decision more easily. For best results, look for equipment that is easy to use and is proven to last long.

All-In-One Office Machine

If you are going to need access to a printer and copier, consider buying an all-in-one type machine that features a combination of devices. Along with saving space, it will reduce the hassle of having to buy different types of ink and toner for different devices.

If you plan on printing or scanning documents with color, stick to a classic inkjet machine. But if you only deal with monochrome documents, consider getting a laser machine instead. Most laser printers and scanners provide a lower cost per page and less frequent cartridge changes, making them more convenient and cost-effective than inkjet machines.

Computer and Monitor

If you complete all of your work on a computer, then your computer is certainly the most important part of your home office furniture. Much like a desk, the best type of computers for a home office depends on the person and environment.

Ideally, your home office computer is equipped with memory and RAM specifications that suit the type of work you’ll be doing. It should also be connected to a monitor that has adjustable screen resolution settings – and that is just the right size for your desk.

If you aren’t sure where to get your Phoenix office furniture and essentials, consider shopping at Phoenix Furniture Outlet. We offer some of the best office furniture in Phoenix at the lowest prices in town. And unlike the competition, we offer free delivery and an exceptional return policy. To see what kind of office furniture we currently have in store, explore our furniture store today.

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