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2017 Must-Have Dorm Room Accessories - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

ASU dorm rooms are an exciting and practical living solution for college students. Many of them come equipped with essential furniture items, like a bed and mattress, so that residents don’t need to go out and buy them. However, they don’t come equipped with many dorm room accessories that most college students need.

To help you understand what college dorm room accessories you’ll need, our team at Phoenix Furniture Outlet has compiled a list. Once you get these essential dorm room items, you should have everything you need to live happily and successfully in the dorms:

Our 2017 Must-Have Dorm Room Accessories

Small Refrigerator and Microwave

You’re going to need plenty of energy to get to class on time and to complete all of your homework, so of course you’ll need to eat! Getting a small refrigerator and microwave for your dorm room will help you keep food fresh, make quick meals and heat up leftovers.

Even if you have 24/7 access to the dining hall, being able to store and make food in your dorm room will come in handy when you need fuel fast. Plus, if you tend to crave late-night snacks, you won’t need to leave your room to satisfy your cravings.

Lighting Fixtures

Good lighting is fundamental to being productive and creating the right kind of ambiance, but a dorm room’s fluorescent lighting usually does little for either. To avoid eyestrain and falling asleep while studying, add light fixtures and lamps to the room for extra light in the right areas – such as near your bed, mirror and desk.

Prior to buying, make sure to check ASU’s dorm regulations. Some dorms limit what kind of lighting you can have in the room because certain lamps and fixtures are considered fire hazards.


Most ASU dorm rooms provide minimal seating, usually only for those living in the actual dorm. So if you’re planning to have friends or classmates over, make sure that you add “chairs” to your list of essential dorm room items.

To avoid overcrowding your room, consider purchasing chairs that double as storage or are stackable. For example, this ottoman with storage is a perfect solution. Another option is to get folding chairs that you can tuck away under your bed when they aren’t in use.


Living in a college dorm usually means sharing a bathroom, including everything inside – like the mirror. By purchasing your own mirror, at least some parts of your morning routine can take place outside the bathroom. This is especially recommended if your entire floor shares a communal bathroom. Communal bathrooms can get crowded at times, so you’ll want to make sure you can get ready in your room if push comes to shove.

If you have enough space in your dorm room, upgrade your mirror to a small vanity desk – like this Winnette Espresso Vanity. Along with functioning as a great spot to get ready every day, a vanity desk gives you a spot to keep your beauty products and toiletries.

Wall Art and Decor

Use wall art and decor to add a personal touch to an otherwise cookie-cutter room. By hanging up wall decor that expresses your personality, you can make your dorm room feel more like a reflection of you.

If you get homesick easily, choose wall decor that reminds you of your home. This could be a framed photo of you and your family, or a piece of art that features a famous quote your mom loves. Whatever it may be, hanging it up in your ASU dorm room will make you feel more connected to your loved ones.

Desk and Chair

With all the homework and studying you’ll be doing in college, you will need a comfortable place where you can get it all done. Sure, you can always go study in the ASU college library or at a local coffee shop, but these spots can get busy and distracting – especially during finals week. And while working on your dorm room bed may seem like a fine solution, your comfortable bed will make it challenging to stay focused and awake.

To ensure that you have a quiet and empowering place to get your homework done, purchase a computer desk for your ASU dorm room. Look for a desk with a shelving unit that can hold your textbooks and papers, like this Acme Computer Desk. Another important factor to consider when choosing a desk is its size, as you’ll want to verify that it isn’t too big for your room.


It can be really difficult to get enough sleep in college because there are always homework assignments to complete and events to attend. By purchasing at least one comfortable, high-quality pillow for your bed, you can ensure that the sleep you do get is as relaxing and refreshing as possible.

If your bed is going to be used as a seating area for visitors or as an occasional place for reading, buy a few extra pillows to provide support for different sitting and laying positions. Look for pillows that contribute to the overall style and feel of your room – or ones that add a fun pop of color.

Coffee Maker

Nowadays, most of us need a fresh cup of coffee in the morning to have a productive day. If you are one of these people, getting a coffee maker for your dorm room is essential. Having quick and easy access to caffeine will save you the expense and hassle of going to a coffee shop every day.

In addition to brewing much-needed coffee, coffee makers can be used to make hot water for oatmeal and instant noodles. So if you’re a fan of these meals, getting a coffee maker will benefit you in more than one way.


With such little square footage in a college dorm room, it’s easy for things to start piling up. To prevent your room from becoming cluttered and messy, it’s important to get the right kind and amount of storage.

There are two kinds of storage that are perfect for a dorm room: easy-to-hide storage and dual-purpose storage. Easy-to-hide storage refers to the kind that can be stored in most spaces that are cramped or difficult to reach, such as under the bed or in the corner of a closet. The dual-purpose kind refers to storage that serves two purposes, such as a bed frame with drawers. By taking advantage of both kinds of storage, you can maximize the space in your dorm room.

Alarm Clock

No student can survive college without an alarm clock. Especially when you combine late night study sessions with early morning classes, waking up will not be easy no matter how much sunlight shines into the room. The right alarm clock is a necessity to get to class on time and to enjoy a nap between classes without worrying about oversleeping.

Even if you have a smartphone with an alarm clock feature, you shouldn’t overlook getting a real alarm clock. There’s always a chance that your smartphone breaks, gets misplaced, or doesn’t charge and dies in the middle of the night. When moments like these strike, you will be grateful that you have another alarm clock to rely on.

Be Prepared for the 2018 School Year

Once you find and buy these dorm room accessories, you will be more prepared to take on anything that ASU’s college life throws at you. Whether you’re dealing with a difficult group project or a 6-week online class, these items will help you get through it.

If you’re ready to start shopping for these dorm room items, explore our website today. Along with offering a wide variety of dorm form furniture and decor, we provide free delivery and a great return policy.

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