10 Stunning Color Schemes for Your Living Room

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If you’re getting ready to decorate – or redecorate – your living room, the first thing you’ll need to decide on is a color scheme. By choosing a color scheme for your living room and sticking to it, you can ensure that your living room has a sense of style and gives off the right vibe. Having a color scheme will also make it easier to decide which furniture and home decor to buy.

In order to determine which color scheme is right for you, it’s a good idea to review popular color schemes for living room environments and understand what kind of ambiance they can help you create. To get started, review our list of 10 amazing color schemes for living rooms below. Which mix of hues will you relax in?

Black, White & Powder Blue

Black, White & Powder Blue Color Scheme for Living Room - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

Add a subtle punch of color to the time-honored black and white scheme by simply tossing in a dash of soft, powdery blue. Whether you use it as a wall color, or for throw pillows and decor, it brings liveliness to a classic approach.

Consider: Black and White Adjustable Sofa


Turquoise, Yellow & Slate Gray

Turquoise, Yellow & Slate Gray - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

The quiet and shy gray plays an important role as backdrop to the pleasant brightness of the turquoise and yellow combination, making the saturated hues that much more vivid. These living room colors will make your Arizona home feel bright and inviting.

Consider: Slate Gray Reversible Sectional or the Gold Lamb Fur Rectangular Pillows


Gray, Gold & Peacock

Gray, Gold & Peacock - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

This color scheme is fantastic when renting a home in which the walls must remain white. The golden touch adds an elegant appeal. The deep peacock hue and strong gray bring a vintage vibe when mixed with the gold.

Consider: Golden Tray Mirror Set


Moody Blue & Browns

Moody Blue & Browns - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

Perfect for a more intimate seating area, this color scheme lends an air of sophistication. It is great for an area of studying, reading or a cozy spot to enjoy your morning coffee. In our opinion, these are the best living room colors – and they are very popular in Arizona homes.

Consider: Tranquility Sleeper Settee


Mint Green & Pink

Mint Green & Pink - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

This is a wonderful color scheme for your living room if you are a lover of accessories and unique trinkets! The mint green and pink combo almost transports you into a Wes Anderson production – kind of vintage, but unapologetically poppy and fun.

Consider: Pink and Blue Wall Art


Emerald & Black

Emerald & Black - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

This bold and confident color combination is quite dramatic. It is perfect for lovers of green and deep saturation, as well as those who want to make stunning statement.

Consider: Rockefeller Pendant Lamp


Shades of Purple

Shades of Purple - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

Considered the color most linked to imagination and spirituality, purple is a fantastic option for a room where creative development happens. Whether you choose to use lavender, violet, royal purple, or indigo, these shades will bring an interesting idea to those who inhabit it.

Consider: Purple-tinted Meryl Decorative Vase


Cantaloupe & Dark Brown

Cantaloupe & Dark Brown - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

You can liven up any room with a fresh cantaloupe hue. Whether you use it to cover your walls, or as an accent color against a dark brown sofa, it will add a cheery pop of color to your Arizona home.

Consider: Dark Brown Rheinhardt Sofa


Ebony & Wood Brown

Ebony & Wood Brown - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

If you want to feel like you live in a cabin – even if you don’t – this color combination will definitely cultivate that forest feel. A dark ebony stain on staircases or walls looks beautiful against wood-finished floors and tables.

Consider: Hecura III Side Table


Light Blue, Bright Red & Royal Blue

Light Blue, Bright Red & Royal Blue - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

This color scheme is all about the Americana style. Think bright red couches or rugs, light blue walls, and hints of royal blue accessories sprinkled throughout.

Consider: Red Kalora Camino Rug


The combinations of color you can create are endless. The color schemes we’ve shared are just a few of the palettes that can help you create a unique and inviting living room style.

For more examples of our colorful living room furniture and decor, visit our Phoenix Home Decor page and our Phoenix Living Room Furniture page. By browsing our products and seeing what catches your eye, you can more easily determine which living room color scheme is best for you.

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