5 Stylish Dorm Room Organization Ideas

Styling Dorm Room Organization Ideas - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

New schedules. New professors. Making new friends and getting one step closer to graduation. As the college semester starts, there’s so much to look forward to – and decorating your dorm room into an organized oasis is definitely one of them. Phoenix Furniture Outlet is stocked with unique, high-quality pieces at great prices that will keep your room sane when the semester gets crazy.

5 Stylish Dorm Room Pieces to Check Out

Media Chest

When you need an escape from college and homework, you’ll want the ability to flip on your favorite television show or watch a movie with your roommate. To make that happen, you will need not only a television, but also a media chest. A media chest will help you organize your collection of movies, find controllers and remotes faster, hide clumps of electric cords, and of course – showcase your beloved TV.

This Ashley Furniture Botswick Shoals Media Chest in solid white has a relaxed urban design that will match nearly any dorm room style. It also has two drawers that can hide your pile of unorganized DVDs and video games so your dorm room can remain clutter-free.

End Table

When you get back to your dorm room after a long day out, you’re going to need a place where you can set things down. Whether you need a safe spot for your brand new sunglasses, Beats headphones, or even just a Caramel Frappucino, an end table is the perfect solution.

Consider buying an end table that offers more than one place to put your items, like this Ninove 1 Furniture of America End Table. Its unique, curled shelving and contemporary style brings out your sophisticated side while providing extra shelf space for your things.


One of the best ways to keep your college dorm room organized is to take advantage of multi-purpose furniture like ottomans. Ottomans can function as a storage box and a comfortable seat at the same exact time, allowing you to minimize clutter and maximize your space.

At Phoenix Furniture Outlet, our Rythmo Fabric Speaker Ottoman takes multi-purpose furniture to the next level. Along with serving as a place to store items and prop up your feet up, this ottoman can connect to Bluetooth and blast your new “Back to School” playlist. You’ll definitely appreciate these speakers when you’re trying to wake up for class or get pumped up for those college football games. Just don’t crank it up too loud, or you might upset the RA!


Those college textbook requirement lists aren’t getting any shorter, and even if an online version is available, you will probably still need a hard copy of each one. To add some peace to the book chaos, Phoenix Furniture Outlet’s Coaster White Bookshelf is here to save the day. With a fun, modern design and plenty of shelf space, it will be much easier to find your Philosophy book for some last-minute studying.

Coat Rack

A coat rack is a tower of organization heaven that’s perfect for hanging up backpacks, bulky jackets, and your next-day outfit so you can get out the door faster. At Phoenix Furniture Outlet, our Prismo Coat Racks are available in five different colors and five different finishes. With so many options to choose from, you can find one that perfectly fits your personality and style. Are you a bit of a minimalist? Go for the white. Are you looking for a corky pop of color? Green, it is!

There’s undoubtedly a lot on your college to-do list, but Phoenix Furniture Outlet is here to help you check off “find affordable dorm room furniture” in your list of dorm furniture essentials. The items we’ve mentioned above are only a few examples of the dorm room furniture we offer. To find out what else we carry and how we can help you create your perfect dorm room, explore our site today!

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