Six Patio Furniture Must-Haves for Phoenicians

Phoenix Patio Must-Haves - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

In the Phoenix metro area, temperatures regularly reach over 100 degrees. With such extreme heat, it’s important to ensure you have the right patio furniture. Durable, versatile and shade-giving patio furniture will give you the opportunity to enjoy your patio year-round. 

If you live in Phoenix, Tempe, or anywhere else in the Valley of the Sun, consider investing in these patio furniture must-haves:

  1. Patio Umbrella

Large patio umbrellas are essential to block out the heat. The best patio umbrellas should have a very large canopy and be made of durable, light-colored material. By choosing one that is light-colored, you won’t have to worry about the color fading in the sun. Plus, white or light-colored materials tend to reflect heat rather than collect it, like darker material would.

  1. Patio Table

No matter where you live, a patio table is an important part of completing your patio ensemble. In Phoenix, however, it’s essential that your table can withstand the heat. Patio tables in Phoenix are bigger than average, because stylish patio tables with an umbrella hole are the norm.

What if you want a patio table without a hole, or you need spaces to put up additional umbrellas? You can use one of Phoenix Furniture Outlet’s high-quality umbrella bases to put up an umbrella just about anywhere. These sturdy bases will be able to withstand the wind when monsoons and dust storms come through.

  1. Patio Chairs

A matched set of patio chairs goes a long way to making your outdoor space more inviting. You can find patio chairs in a wide range of styles and sizes. Four chairs is generally considered to be a full set, but consider how many people are likely to be using your patio before you decide how many chairs to purchase. Also, keep in mind it’s a good idea to make sure your chairs not only match your table, but also your umbrella.

Recently, swing chairs have become very popular in Phoenix. You can find these in longer bench styles for multiple people or select a single swing chair for just one. In addition to being relaxing, swing chairs come with their own cushions. Traditional folding styles are also available. Your choice of chairs is a great way to express your personal style on your patio.

  1. Patio Chaise

It might be hot out there, but it’s not all bad! A patio double chaise lounge is a great way to turn the sun to your advantage. In the Spring and Fall, when the weather is around 80-90 degrees in Phoenix, you can use a patio chaise as a tanning bed. Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen, especially at mid-day.

A good patio chaise lounge chair is compact and lightweight, as you will need to reposition it every once in a while to stay in (or out of) the sun. It should also be comfortable, cushioned and appropriately sized for you so that it provides optimal support.

  1. Patio Pillows

If you’re planning to spend a lot of time outdoors, you just can’t do without patio cushions and pillows. Patio throw pillows will give you something to rest your back, neck or shoulders on, or even sit directly on if you wish. When they are picked out in contrasting colors, patio pillows can add a splash of style to the rest of the patio.

At Phoenix Furniture Outlet, our patio pillows come in small, medium and large sizes so that you can get the size you need. We also offer a variety of styles and colors to match your patio’s unique style.

  1. Patio Storage

With all of the monsoons and dust storms that happen in Phoenix, you will need a safe place to store your outdoor items. Otherwise, when a storm strikes, your pool toys and patio cushions might just fly away! By placing them in a large and sturdy storage bin, you can ensure you won’t lose them during windy weather conditions.

The storage bin you choose should be based around what you need to store. For example, if you like barbecuing outside, you’ll need a sturdy bin with lots of compartments. If you are keeping towels and blankets outside, opt for a wide and fully enclosed storage bin.

Start Shopping for Your Patio Furniture Must-Haves

Now that you know what patio furniture you need, it’s time to get shopping! There are plenty of patio furniture stores in Phoenix worth visiting, including Phoenix Furniture Outlet. Our selection is growing by the day – and we offer fast, convenient financing options so you can go home with the furniture that will transform your patio into the relaxing space you deserve.

Also, we stock only the best furniture so our customers can enjoy excellent quality at the lowest prices in the Phoenix metro area. To find out more, visit us today.

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