7 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas for Master Bedrooms

7 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas for Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is where you, the ruler of the castle, can hide away in the biggest and best room of the house. This private getaway serves as a comfortable place where you can store personal items and protect your prized possessions. Its large blank walls also empower you to express your unique personality through unique decor and accent pieces.

If you still have bare walls in your master bedroom staring back at you, our team at Phoenix Furniture Outlet has some solutions for how you can dress them up. Consider these seven great bedroom wall decor ideas for master bedrooms.

1. Wall Shelves

We begin our list with one of the most versatile wall fixtures you can buy. The possibilities are nearly endless when you start with empty shelves.

Overall, floating wall shelves and bookshelves provide extra storage and display areas for all your prized keepsakes. They can store your favorite books, house an entertainment center and anything else you want to keep in plain view.

2. Photo Collages

In the master bedroom, you can display all your dearest and personal memories in a collage to dress up a bare part of your wall. Though the more general family photos can go in common areas, some more personal photos can make their home in the master bedroom, where fewer guests visit.

3. Textured Wallpaper/Decals

Wallpaper is back with more options than ever! Synthetic materials have come a long way and can make it difficult to tell what’s natural and what’s man-made. For example, If you want wood planks on your wall without any lengthy installation process, textured wallpaper makes it possible.

Try different designs and textures like faux stone or brick wallpaper that can add some rustic charm to your master bedroom. Peel-and-stick metallic tiles are also easy to install and can create instant mosaics and statement walls for a splash of excitement in your bedroom’s decor.

In addition, if you ever wanted the feeling of a peaceful forest or beach in your bedroom, large removable wall decals make it possible. They’re also great for renters since they aren’t a permanent installation.

4. Indoor Plants

Did you know that indoor plants eliminate many indoor air pollutants and can even act as natural air fresheners? Consider adding some beautiful hanging plants in your master bedroom for a touch of green and health benefits.

Go for low-light and low-maintenance plant species like the Golden Pothos or Chinese Evergreen. Don’t forget to research the plant to make sure they’re safe for pets or kids. If they’re unsafe to consume, it’s a good practice to keep them out of reach by placing them on a high shelf or hang them from a ceiling hook.

5. Wall Lamps

Add a touch of romance with some auxiliary lighting. Wall lamps can light up a particularly dark corner in your room where your conventional lamps can’t reach. They’re also great at rounding out empty spaces and balancing your room’s design.

6. Large Statement Pieces

Large decor like hanging tapestries and Asian folding fans are excellent ways to spruce up your room when you have a large wall to cover.

If your master bedroom is small, a wall mirror can create the illusion of a bigger room. It can also be functional when you need to check an outfit before going out.

vanity placed against your wall can also dress up an empty space while also being a great place to store personal items.

7. Local Art

Shop around town to find some statement pieces that will give your bedroom some priceless charm. When you have something unique and handcrafted on display, your room will have that added splash of culture it needs to be dubbed a center of adult sophistication.

Find everything you need at Phoenix Furniture Outlet

These seven ideas are just a springboard to inspire you in your master bedroom design journey.  Ultimately, there is no limit to what you can accomplish when you set your creativity loose.

To help you during the decorating process, Phoenix Furniture Outlet offers an extensive collection of accents and bedroom wall decor that can help you bring your vision to life. If you have any questions about what else would look good in your master bedroom, please feel free to contact us.

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