7 Different Ways to Decorate Your Coffee Table

7 Ways to Decorate a Coffee Table in Phoenix - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

With all of the seasonal parties and family celebrations that happen every year, gatherings in your living room can become very common. When everyone arrives for these special events, you want to make sure that your decor gives them a warm welcome.

If you already have a comfy couch and an accent rug, it may seem as though every piece is in order. But when was the last time that you gave your coffee table a little TLC? This piece of furniture is right in the middle of the room, so when it is decorated well, everyone will likely notice and compliment it. Your coffee table decorations can also act as an icebreaker and initiate some great conversations that will lead to an unforgettable night.

So let’s wipe the dust off that coffee table and decorate it in a way that everyone will love. If you aren’t sure how to decorate a coffee table, consider the seven ideas below.

7 Ways to Decorate a Coffee Table in Phoenix - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

1. Bring Out Your Inner Bookworm

Staying up-to-date on the current political climate, reading the new edition of Hamlet, and making sure conversation flows at your upcoming dinner party can get a bit overwhelming. Let your coffee table decor do the work for you by featuring piles of neatly stacked books. You can choose a variety of books that cover different subjects, and you can always switch them up to best entertain your audience of the night.

2. A Little Elegance Never Hurts

If you’re the type that enjoys the chic side of life, then decorate your coffee table to be the crème de la crème of style. A centered coffee table decor tray with an old-fashioned perfume bottle and several fragranced candles varying in height will bring a sense of high society. Or, for a more modern flare, place an eye-catching piece like this blue and white Severin Vase in the center and a tea candle on each side to tie it all together.

3. Tis’ the Season to Be in Season

When your accent pillows and decor change with the season, why shouldn’t your coffee table decor follow suit? Spring calls for a soft-colored vase overflowing with a bouquet of flowers, summer invites edgy conversation pieces like this bright turquoise Idola Bowl, and fall is the perfect time for large pumpkin spice scented candles. By keeping your coffee table in season, your home will always feel festive and trendy.

4. Bring the Outdoors Inside

For all the nature lovers out there, make your passion part of your coffee table decor by adding some of nature’s greens. You’ll immediately freshen up the room, and there are plenty of ways you can style it. For example, you could place a larger sized plant like this Salar Succulents arrangement in the center of the table to make a bold statement that will catch the eye. Alternatively, you could place two or three smaller plants evenly across for a more calming and symmetrical look.

5. Let the Games Begin

What’s more fun than being prepared for a quick game of SlapJack, or a long evening spent fighting for Monopoly property? Several decks of colorfully designed cards or a well-placed game board are also great ways to bring out everyone’s inner child while maintaining an appealing coffee table style. For a more sophisticated take, set up a chess board and match a few decor pieces with the black and off-white color scheme. These coffee table decorations will lead to less TV time and more bonding time, which is always a plus.

6. Calling All Minimalists

When it comes to decorating a coffee table, less can definitely be more. Having a stunning centerpiece surrounded by clutter won’t do it justice, so let it stand out the way that it should. Whether that’s a tall vase with a clean-cut design like this Corvara Vase, or a glass blown centerpiece that you picked up from a recent trip, a singular piece may be all you need to make your living room feel truly complete.               

7. Get a Little Edgy

There’s no need to stress about filling out your whole coffee table with items. If you’ve got only a few pieces that really bring out the style you’re going for, pick a side or a corner of the coffee table that you like the most and artfully place your decor pieces there. Styling your coffee table this way will bring a cosmopolitan edge, and you can easily switch things up by choosing a different corner or side when things get dull.

These coffee table decorating ideas are great ways to express your personality and entertain your guests. Once you decide which coffee table decor style you like most, you can purchase most of the necessary decor items online or at a local home decor store. After you’ve collected everything you need, you can put together the look you envisioned.

If you ever get tired of how your coffee table looks, you can always change it up and try something new. Just remember that your coffee table is essentially a blank canvas, and let your creativity shine! Updating your coffee table decor will also keep your guests on their toes and make your home feel regularly renewed.

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