8 Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Modern Living

8 Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Modern Living - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

Modern decor is a very popular style today, and for good reason. The goal of the style is to maintain a clean, simple design – meaning that functionality and purpose often override aesthetic beauty. However, implementing this uncomplicated style into your bedroom can actually be rather complicated. More often than not, your bedroom is filled with clothes and clutter than certainly don’t scream modern living.

To help you easily stay true to the Modernism movement, here are eight attractive modern master bedroom decorating ideas.

White Perfection

Imagine stepping into a peaceful, soothing white room to find clarity after a chaotic day. The all-white theme stays true to the modern style by keeping minimalism in mind. It is an easy-to-achieve look and feel that will accentuate any open space you have in your master bedroom. Our Miranda White Queen Storage Platform Bed is an excellent starting point for achieving this look.

Geometric Patterns

Another essential feature of modern decor is clean lines. Geometric patterns, mostly squares and rectangles, are an excellent addition to the modern master bedroom. These simple shapes can be featured in wall art, rugs, comforters and furniture designs. The ADR Soma pillows are a beautiful example of clean geometric lines in bedroom accessories.

Loft Lounge

Although “loft” sounds laid-back and thrown together, this style of bedroom is perfect for an easy-going, creative couple who may like to work where they sleep. It again highlights functionality by making the best use of space. Consider having a small couch next to your desk, or easy access to laptops and working tables after a small nap.

Nurture Nature

Bringing a touch of nature into your master bedroom is a perfect way to emanate the importance of functionality by giving natural materials purpose in the home. Consider using wood as the feature texture on your back-splash wall. Place plastic or chrome up against this earthly tone and you will bring that clean look and feel to life. Keeping the surrounding colors neutral with perhaps a few saturated accent hues is picture perfect.

Spotlight on Art

We’ve mentioned minimalism, but again, this detail is key. Instead of having a room full of trinkets, collectibles, antiques and random items, it is ideal to make one piece of art the focus of your master bedroom. Choose a work that you and your spouse truly admire, and make that the item that catches your eye when you walk into the room. This can also be swapped out monthly or seasonally as moods change.

Raised & Modular Furniture

Wooden dowel legs and metal hairpin legs are two examples of the raised furniture theme in modern bedroom décor. It contributes to the opening up of space, which is especially useful in a small bedroom. You can take it step further and use pull-out beds or desks, which only come out when in use. This allows for more purposeful functionality in design. When the bed is out of the way, you can stretch out or work out in your master bedroom.

Bright Accents

We’ve mentioned white and neutral colors as keys to modern decor, but you can also add bright, heavily saturated pops of color throughout your bedroom. The important thing is to truly make them simple accents that are easily noticeable. It is a similar approach to the spotlight on art. Give your accent colors the leading role in your master bedroom decor.

Natural and Serene

If your goal is bring modernity to the bedroom while maintaining a calming environment, this is one of the best master bedroom decor ideas. Choose soft colors, clean lines and keep the clutter to a minimum. Think of the hues you see on a sandy white beach at sunset. To keep your room clutter-free, take advantage of natural wicker baskets or neutral-colored storage bins.

These are just a few examples of modern decorating ideas for master bedrooms. To explore more modern furniture options, visit our Phoenix Bedroom Furniture page. You can also stop by our Arizona furniture store to see our offerings in person. We would love the chance to share our beautiful furniture with you, and you are sure to find the perfect addition to your modern-themed master bedroom.

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