What is the Best Patio Furniture Material for Arizona?

What is the Best Patio Furniture Material for Arizona - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

Selecting the best patio furniture for your Arizona home takes consideration beyond aesthetic appeal. It is important to make decisions based on functionality and compatibility with the elements. Living in Arizona, you want to make sure you pay close attention to the types of materials that could withstand serious heat, blazing sun and regular dust.

So, what is the most durable outdoor furniture for the Arizona climate? Keep reading to find out.

Best Patio Furniture Materials for Arizona


No matter what type of wood you choose, it will not absorb the heat. When it comes to wooden patio furniture, you can choose from teak, cedar, pine or eucalyptus. Teak is considered the best option and can last for up to 50 years. It is a strong hardwood, difficult to mar. It also has an attractive finish and can withstand most weather conditions.

Keep in mind: Wood typically is heavier than other patio materials, so it will take a little more effort to rearrange. It is also more expensive than most other materials.

Cast Aluminum

Although this material is lightweight, it is durable and does not rust or fade in the harsh Arizona sun. It is also cost effective as it requires little maintenance. As a great example, take a look at the Shore Aluminum Mesh Chaise.

Keep in mind: Cast aluminum patio furniture absorbs heat when under the sun, so you will have to be mindful before sitting.

Resin Wicker

Made from synthetic materials that are UV-resistant, this option is very unlikely to fade or crack. Resin wicker patio furniture is durable yet lightweight, and does not absorb heat, so you can sit without hesitation. The Convene Patio Dining Set is a great example.

Keep in mind: It is important to purchase high-density polyethylene over PVC materials, otherwise the durability standard is lowered.

Recycled Plastic

This is another affordable lightweight option that requires little maintenance and is very easy to clean. Plastics are available in many colors, which is ideal when you need to match a particular palette. You can also find plastic patio furniture that resembles wood or wicker.

Keep in mind: Regardless the quality of plastic, it can crack and fade easily. It may also break over time under sun exposure.

Wrought Iron

This durable material is ideal for withstanding all weather, especially the Arizona heat. It is also very sturdy, so it will last longer and stay put during windy monsoons or dust storms. Wrought iron patio furniture is available in many styles, and because most include a cushion for comfort, it can easily be adapted to fit your outdoor décor.

Keep in mind: This is a heavier material, so if you like to rearrange often, make sure you’re aware of its weight. If the wrought iron patio furniture you buy is not powder-coated, you may need to coat with a rust-proofing agent.

Outdoor Pillows and Cushions

The colorful toppings we add to our outdoor furniture is what makes the entire area come to life. These items are much more fragile and affected by sun exposure and moisture, so it’s even more important to choose your patio cushions wisely. The most common materials of outdoor patio pillows you should be aware of are:

  • Solution-dyed acrylic: Created with high process standards, this material is made to last. Although acrylic patio cushions are more expensive, they are less likely to fade and are easy to spot clean.
  • Cotton canvas (duck cloth): This is your more affordable option, which means it isn’t as resistant to the elements. Cotton patio pillows can be replaced easily though, due to their low prices.
  • Vinyl fabric: This material comes in second behind solution-dyed acrylic as far as strength, flexibility and durability. It is easy to clean and does not fade easily. It may, however, become sticky or cause sweatiness since it is made from plastic.

What is the Best Patio Furniture Material for Arizona - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

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For more examples of excellent patio furniture for your Arizona home, explore our patio furniture selection or visit our showroom in Tempe. At Phoenix Furniture Outlet, we love helping local residents find the patio furniture that’s perfect for their Arizona backyard. Especially as winter approaches and the weather gets nicer, you will be very thankful you have it!

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