When is the Best Time to Buy New Furniture?

When is the Best Time to Buy New Furniture-

If you just bought a house, you may not be able to afford to spend thousands of dollars on new furniture for every room. To save yourself some money and avoid overspending, consider taking advantage of annual furniture sales and discounts.

Furniture sales are more common at certain times of the year than others. By understanding when these sales are most likely to occur, you can understand the best times to buy new furniture.

Indoor Furniture

Two months reign when it comes to indoor furniture sales: January and July. January is just ahead of the February inventory load-in (new styles arrive in February), so showrooms must be cleared out. Moving out the older styles typically means big price cuts. July is just ahead of the August style makeover, and many furniture stores offer sales for the 4th of July.

The only drawback is if you try to buy a single piece from a set, the rest of the set may not exist in March or September when you want the other pieces. So if you shop the furniture sales during these months, consider buying the full set to ensure that everything will match.

Outdoor Furniture

The end of everyone else’s summer – August – is a great time to search for outdoor furniture sales. Whether you need a patio table set or a couple patio chaises, you are bound to find bargain options starting in mid-August. Fortunately in Phoenix, “summer” extends well into October, so end-of-season sales can still let you enjoy your new patio furniture for many more weeks.

If you need outdoor furniture sooner than August, you can always find excellent patio furniture prices year-round at Phoenix Furniture Outlet.

Office Furniture

No matter whether you are furnishing a home office or a high-rise, office furniture can be expensive. Office furniture sales also tend to be sporadic and spread out, so there’s not exactly a single best time to buy. With that in mind, let your financial situation determine when it is the best time to buy new furniture. For example, you will likely be in better financial shape during these times:

  • After getting your tax return
  • At the end of any fiscal quarter
  • Before the winter holiday season (gifts can add up!)
  • Before booking a vacation or special event

The Single Best Month

If you can only shop for furniture one month out of the year, choose July. Due to the heat, Arizona residents don’t typically shop for furniture in July. As a result, those who do shop during this month have more options available to them and can easily take advantage of summer sales. Here are some other reasons why July is a great month for furniture shopping:

  • New styles and inventory start arriving in August, so stores must clear older merchandise;
  • You have more buying power after recovering from holiday purchases and tax season;
  • Outdoor furniture is instantly usable.

Other Bargain Days

The beginning of the calendar year and the weeks leading up to major holidays are all big sale times for furniture stores. For example, you can expect to see furniture prices drop in November when Black Friday approaches and Christmas is just a few weeks away. Furniture sales are also very common around Labor Day weekend. So if you’re itching to get new furniture sooner rather than later, consider what holidays are coming up and see if you can wait until then.

Just remember that no matter what time of the year it is, you can always find affordable furniture at Phoenix Furniture Outlet. We have a reputation for offering everyday low prices on high-quality furniture. We also offer a fantastic financing program so that you can buy all the furniture you need at any time that works best for you! If you’re ready to get your new home furnished, apply for the program today.


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