10 Essential Items for Your Home Office

Home Office Essentials - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

Our team at Phoenix Furniture Outlet understands that creating the perfect home office isn’t always easy. In some cases there is limited space, and in others there is a limited budget. Both of these circumstances make it more challenging to find and buy the right home office furniture. The good news is that your home […]

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5 Stylish Dorm Room Organization Ideas

Styling Dorm Room Organization Ideas - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

New schedules. New professors. Making new friends and getting one step closer to graduation. As the college semester starts, there’s so much to look forward to – and decorating your dorm room into an organized oasis is definitely one of them. Phoenix Furniture Outlet is stocked with unique, high-quality pieces at great prices that will keep […]

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Why We’re Singing, “We Are the Champions, My Friends!”

  Before we get to the good part, let’s set the scene: It was a typical Monday at work, Iced Caramel Macchiato in hand and scrolling through emails. Then suddenly, there was a notification that we’d been mentioned on another blog. We consider ourselves to be one of the cool kids so this was normal […]

Why You Will Absolutely Love Our Return Policy, Guaranteed

“You can return the furniture, guaranteed. No strings attached. No gimmicks.” So you’ve chosen the perfect piece of furniture on pfodirect.com, measured the space at home so you know it’ll fit and now you find yourself questioning the commitment. “Will it really look as good as I hope? What if it doesn’t?” As long as […]

What “No Credit Check Financing” Can Do for You

“You don’t just want it, you need it”. We all know how online furniture shopping goes. It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon at home, you’re sipping on Sangria and you’ve told yourself you’ll only look at furniture, not buy. So the scrolling begins, everything seems painless and fun but then you see it. That cute Crystal Falls […]