Furniture of America

Furniture of America is a furniture brand that genuinely cares about the people it serves, and that’s why we at Phoenix Outlet Furniture are proud to carry an array of Furniture of America products in our inventory. The creators behind this brand aimed to create a company that produces furniture that makes a positive impact ­– so much so that their mission statement reads, “Bring Happiness with Every Piece of Furniture.”

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Furniture of America had its beginnings in a small warehouse in Southern California approximately 11 years ago. A group of people with unique ideas got together to create a new business that focused on creating happiness rather than generating profits. The brand’s concentration on prioritizing well being over monetary gain is further demonstrated by its involvement with several humanitarian and environmental projects both in the U.S. and abroad.

Furniture of America currently produces all types of furniture, from bedroom to outdoor, but its most popular products are from its living room collections and dining sets.

Furniture of America Living Room Collections

Furniture of America’s living room sets are proof that the company aims to provide customer satisfaction. Their products are straightforward while also conveying elegance that few pieces of furniture can. Whether it’s a sofa or side table, every product conveys a simplistic modern appeal but demonstrates beautiful details, such as intricate stitching and arrangement, that only expert craftsmanship can accomplish.

Furniture of America Dining Sets

The brand’s dining room sets further exemplify the company’s dedication to producing high-quality furniture. The finishes of each table and chair radiate elegance and make it difficult for one not to admire each piece. Most follow a traditional dining set style, but they also produce more modern dining room sets as well. Furniture of America dining sets are available in a variety of tabletop shapes and sizes, creating a wide range of dining tables and chairs to choose from.

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You can find the best selection of Furniture of America products here in Arizona at Phoenix Outlet Furniture. We carry everything from their famous living room and dining collections, to other pieces of furniture such as desks, dressers, patio furniture and more. We also offer these pieces at affordable Phoenix Outlet Furniture prices. On top of that, we guarantee quick delivery and a great return policy. Take a look at our Furniture of America selection online!