8 Decorating Ideas for Stairs and Landings

8 Decorating Ideas for Stairs and Landings - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

Stairs and landings are more than just dead space that you pass through on your way upstairs or down into the basement. They are opportunities to bring a touch of creativity into the home. If you are looking for some fun and interesting ways to use these often overlooked spaces, here are eight decorating ideas for stairs and landings that are sure to capture your interest.

Tuck in a Bookshelf

The narrow nature of bookshelves means they can be easily tucked into large landings. They also allow you to kill two birds with one shelf – they create additional storage and add interest to the space. The secret to adding a bookshelf is to choose one that fits comfortably in the space and that isn’t so tall, wide or deep that it becomes difficult to move through the landing.

Settle in on Some Seating

Adding bench seats to the landing works particularly well if you have a large window to look out of. If you choose a bench seat, you will also have a friendly place where kids can store their shoes before heading to their rooms.

Hang up Some Coat Hooks

Nobody has the time to search for jackets or hunt for hats. By attaching a couple of fancy hooks to the wall on or near the stairs, these items and others will always be within reach when you need to find them. If you have plenty of space you want to fill, you can opt to include a coat rack and a potted plant or two to create a combination of color and convenience into the landing.

Add an Armoire

Adding an armoire to the landing creates additional storage that’s perfect for when company comes over. You can store everything from extra table linens to bedding in the armoire, which makes it easier to entertain and keep all your guests comfortable.

Run a Runner

Running a runner from top to bottom is one of the most popular stairway decorating ideas. It brings a touch of color and pattern to the space that livens it up and creates a focal point within the room.

8 Decorating Ideas for Stairs and Landings - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

Create a Theme

Themes are a must-have when it comes to stairway decorating ideas. It is important that the theme you choose for decorating the stairway – seashore, traditional, classic, etc. – blends into the rest of the home. You can also decorate your stairs in a way that blends the upstairs and downstairs themes together, if they are quite different.

Wall to Wall Wallpaper

In terms of stair wall decoration ideas, wallpaper is still the king of the castle. Wallpaper provides a touch of pattern and color to the walls that is eye-catching and awe inspiring. Wallpaper also makes it easier to create the ambiance you want to radiate throughout the floors of your home.

Accentuate Beauty with Beautiful Accents

Adding in colorful contrasts, such as painted black steps and banisters with white risers, gives the stairs depth and dimension. This stairway idea also breaks up the humdrum steps and makes it more enjoyable to go up and down the stairs all day long.

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