5 Dorm Room Trends & Styles to Consider in 2017

5 Dorm Room Trends & Styles to Consider in 2017 - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

As your semester gets off to a great start, making sure your dorm room comes together is a must. Your room will be the main hub for endless movie nights, last minute study sessions and post-football game hangouts, so it should feel inviting and express your sense of style.

When it comes to your dorm room decor, there’s no limit to the ways you can express yourself.

But if you can’t decide what kind of style to go for, understanding the latest dorm room trends can help you narrow down your options.

Pastel Paradise

Blush pinks, hints of lavender, and subtle touches of mint are becoming interior design colors in 2017. Incorporating these hues into your 2017 dorm room color palette will make it the perfect getaway for all who enter. With the new changes that come as another semester of college starts, these pastel colors are sure to bring you back to a place of peace and relaxation. You can choose one pastel and combine it with white accents to create the same light and bright effect, or you can combine a handful of pastel colors for a gentle hue explosion.

An Eclectic Escape

Boho chic is still in, and it is a great way to bring a sense of excitement to your dorm. After a day full of long lectures, worksheets and studying, things might begin to feel a little bland and boring. But if you have inviting and colorful bohemian patterns in your room decor, you’ll be able to shake off that burnt out feeling and feel re-energized. Gold accents like these Rhombus decor pieces will transport you and your friends to a chic wonderland.

Urban with an Edge

A big city feel in your dorm room will make you and your friends feel the thrill of embarking on a new academic year. And there are endless ways to bring that urban “edge.” You could incorporate an Arizona Southwest feel through a bold accent piece, or you can add a Los Angeles spin with some intriguing art – like this Guilty French Bulldog piece. Simplistic string lights, pops of deep colors, and a couch with a mid-century flare will also help you bring this popular and edgy look to life.

Coastal and Casual

Close your eyes and imagine tall palm trees, ocean blues, and sandy beaches. Whether you’re going to school in Arizona or California, there’s a way for you to bring the beach right into your dorm. Create a coastal vibe by incorporating blues, soft tans and white accents. Then add a few wall pieces with seashell or anchor designs and a ‘sea breeze’ scented candle or two. Violà! You’ll give a new meaning to “relaxing in the dorm room”, and we know where you’ll be during those four day weekends.

Keeping it Classic

There’s no doubt that you’ll be working overtime this semester, and you should reward yourself for doing so. So why not make your dorm room fit for royalty? A plush silk comforter, accents of gold and elegant furniture like this Daltry Bordeaux Ottoman piece will bring a sense of regalness that will be unmatched on your dorm floor.

Regardless of what dorm room style you choose, making sure that your room represents your personality will make the college experience much more enjoyable. Remember: there are no rules!

If you want more advice on how to decorate and furnish your dorm room, check out Phoenix Furniture Outlet’s Ultimate Dorm Room Essentials and stay up-to-date on the latest furniture trends by reading our blog.

With our tips and insights, you can make this upcoming school year the best one yet!

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