How to Furnish Large Living Rooms: 5 Basic Tips to Know

How to Furnish Large Living Rooms- 5 Basic Tips to Know

It’s natural to get excited about moving into a home that features a larger and more spacious living room. Most people think, “The bigger, the better!” However, once you actually begin filling the space, you will likely realize that furnishing a large living room is actually quite challenging. Even when everything you own is in place, many empty spaces and blank walls will remain.

Although furnishing a large living room can pose various problems, most of them can be overcome. Here are five home furnishing tips to keep in mind when decorating a large living room.

Tip No. 1: Designate Zones and Divide the Space

Large living rooms are fantastic for serving as multi-functional spaces. The obvious function for a living room is a conversation hangout, but with ample space you can also designate a media zone, a reading nook or even a dining area. This can be done in two ways: physically and visually.

To physically break up the room, you can use a daybed or a console table as a room divider. A folding screen can also create an intimate little nook, which is ideal for shaping a smaller room within your living room. You can go even further by breaking up the room into two separate areas. Perhaps one area is meant for reading and creating art, while the other side is dedicated to sitting and chatting with friends and family. This separation can be achieved successfully while maintaining the flow between the two areas.

To visually break up the room, consider using area rugs, curtains or large plants to create an obvious split in sections. With this approach, you have more flexibility when it comes time to move things around. The furniture options available to break up the space are numerous. Take a look at our living room furniture for some ideas.

Tip No. 2: Add an Anchor

Clutter can happen really quickly in a large space. When trying to fill the space, you might find yourself buying tons of little accent pieces to fill the gaps. This is not the best approach for a large area. Consider making an “anchor” purchase, such as a large L-shaped sofa or a beautiful piano. Having a sizable item in your living room will effortlessly bridge the gaps.

Tip No. 3: Keep Lighting in Mind

Depending on available window lighting in your home, lighting during the day may not be an issue. However, lighting up a substantial space in the evening can be tricky. Consider placing a couple of large lamps in any corners of your living room that look dark and eerie. This can also make a small reading or desk area more inviting and cozy.

Tip No. 4: Double Up on Accessories or Furniture

Finding furniture items large enough to fill an empty space can be difficult. To overcome this challenge, consider doubling up. You can place two of the same item side by side to create the feel you are going for, whether it be two rugs, two couches, two entertainment centers, etc. The advantage to using this approach is you can easily break up these doubles to rearrange the space when you want a little change. It also creates symmetry in the room that is always pleasing to the eye.

Tip No. 5: Avoid Wall Hugging

When placing furniture in a large living room, it is best to keep it away from the walls. If you push everything up against the walls the way you would in a smaller space, it creates an even larger empty area in the center. By positioning furniture at least a few inches away from the wall, you can make the room feel more balanced and proportional.

Using this approach will also create additional open wall space, which gives you the opportunity to be creative. Some go-to ideas for bare walls include sofa tables, picture collages or beautiful statement art. You can view examples of living room decor or accents on our website to spark some creative ideas that fit your living room theme.

For more tips and tricks on furnishing your home, read more of our blog posts and check out our furniture buying guides. At Phoenix Furniture Outlet, we want to ensure you are confident when purchasing furniture for your home, not matter what size the room is. We look forward to assisting you!

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