Home Office Decorating Tips to Promote Productivity

10 Home Office Decorating Tips to Promote Productivity

Deciding how to decorate a home office is not always a matter of personal taste. When it comes to home office decor, the right organization is far more important than the right appearance. Your home office, whether designed for freelancing opportunities or work-from-home days, must be productive to be useful. To ensure that it promotes productivity, make use of the following home office decorating tips.

Priority of Purpose

More and more people are buying homes with a spare bedroom because they want to use that room as a home office. Many people are also deciding to transform their current guest bedroom into an office as they realize how much more practical a home office can be. No matter which of these scenarios rings true for you, be sure to define why you want a home office and what main purpose it will serve before decorating. Here are some common uses for a home office to consider:

  • A highly organized place to conduct income-generating business;
  • A motivating space for completing homework assignments or big work projects;
  • A small portion of your overall home that qualifies as a business expense;
  • A quiet area in which to conduct web-based meetings, conference calls or email exchanges;
  • A comfortable place to plan, collect your thoughts, strategize and re-energize;
  • An office that makes it easy to carry out family-related responsibilities, such as paying the bills or sorting through mail.

Buy Home Office Furniture First

The most sensible home office decorating tips are those that focus on the furniture selection first. Pick an integrated and sophisticated style so your home office does not look like your old college dorm room. Ideally, your home office will contain the following items – and all of them should coordinate together to creative a cohesive look:

Furniture pieces are the largest objects in your home office, so take your time and choose wisely. Pick a material theme, such as wood, steel or laminate, and stick with it. Also make sure that any colored accents in your home office furniture match one another. Nothing jars a comfortable space as much as a clash of colors and materials.

Finally, avoid buying furniture items that do not contribute to productivity. This includes beanbag chairs, beds and couches that beckon you to relax and fall asleep.

Employee of the Month

If you are mainly using your home office for business-related work, you need a work environment that makes it easy to stay focused and on track to complete your tasks. Try these home office decor tips to create a truly professional and productive setting:

  • Stock office supplies close to where you need them, so you do not have to interrupt your workflow to refill a stapler.
  • Get comfortable, ergonomic seating support so you never feel like that comfortable bed in the master bedroom is calling your name.
  • Choose strong, bright colors to keep you energized even if you are working late hours.
  • Add open wall shelves for items you use a lot – vendor catalogs, operating procedures, troubleshooting notebooks – and cabinets with doors for items you use infrequently.
  • Consider wheeled units for file drawers and other small pieces to keep floor space flexible.
  • Keep it clean, minimal and business-like to avoid distractions and to maintain peace of mind.

A Place Called Home

A home office for the work of the household is a different room altogether. Consider what a home office for the family can help you achieve:

  • One place for financial records, family documents, plans for the future and remembrances of the past;
  • A great spot for paying bills, writing “Thank You” cards or using a home computer in private;
  • A quiet corner for telephone calls you need to carry out in private.

Here the goal is to make an embracing, friendly, warm spot that invites you to linger over letters, pack packages for posting, wrap gifts for the holidays and pay the bills.

Our tips for productivity in a home office for the family give a nod to the emotional, nurturing side of life:

  • Consider corkboards or wallpapered drywall you are not afraid to push pins into for everything from children’s artwork to vacation destination dreams.
  • Use open shelves to highlight 3D sentimental pieces, but rotate them so every family member gets a chance to shine on the shelf.
  • Use edge-softening fabrics, throws, accent pieces and small area rugs to invite family members to linger over photo albums or heart-to-heart chats (productivity can mean emotional bonding, too).
  • If in doubt, opt for storage over flat surfaces. A cabinet is often more useful than a wall shelf, and a bookcase is usually more useful than a guest chair.

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