8 Tips for Decorating a Kids Bedroom on a Budget

8 Tips for Decorating your Kids Room on a Budget - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

Creating the perfect room for a child can be expensive, and affordable kids bedroom ideas are few and far in between. Sure, the internet is full of creative kids bedroom ideas, but they often require a considerable amount of time or money. For example, DIY suggestions like re-upholstering a headboard can end up being more costly and time intensive than simply buying a new headboard.

To help you furnish and decorate your kid’s bedroom without spending a fortune, we’ve compiled a list of eight kids bedroom ideas on a budget. As you are shopping for furniture and making bedroom design decisions, keep these suggestions in mind.

Kids Bedroom Ideas On a Budget

Buy Furniture They Won’t Outgrow

Kids outgrow clothes, shoes, chairs, desks, and even their beds, but they do not have to outgrow all of their furniture. Focus on buying quality, expressive furniture like nightstands, dressers, chests and other bedroom accessories that they can use throughout their childhood and adolescence. Because they will be using them for years to come, opt for something that is durable and that won’t go out of style.

Create an Art Gallery

It may be tempting to decorate your child’s entire bedroom, but consider decorating only one main wall to save some money. You can make this wall the most interesting and eye-catching focal point in the room by mixing artwork pieces and framed photos.

As an additional tip, frame and hang your child’s personal art on the wall to fill in empty spaces more affordably. This will give your child’s bedroom a more personal and creative touch, which will allow it to be truly unique from most children’s bedrooms in Phoenix.

Make the Headboard the Room’s Statement Piece

There is no need to invest in separate decor when the furniture itself can add color and character to a room. So when you are picking out furniture, choose something that is going to add to the theme or style you are working toward. While it may be easy to go for the plain but more affordable options, those will add little to the room and make it more tempting to add other, possibly expensive, decorations to the room.

Incorporate Storage as Decor

No matter the age, children always have things they need to store – such as toys or clothes. Because your kids need to continually access these items, they should be stored within reach. However, typical storage like hampers and shoe racks can quickly clutter up a room. Instead, opt for creative types of storage that can double as decor, such as colorful ottomans or toy boxes.

Buy in Sets, Groups or Multiples

If your child’s bedroom needs a new bed, nightstand and dresser, why not look for a bedroom set that includes all three pieces? Although it may cost a lot upfront, you will spend less on each item by bundling them together. Plus, these bundles are very popular in Phoenix furniture stores.

This tip also applies to parents who have more than one child. Consider buying items such as pillowcases, picture frames, and storage units in sets to save money on each item and to furnish two rooms at once.

Use Storage to Divide the Room

When siblings are forced to share a room at a young age, they tend to want their own space as they grow older. But of course, adding another bedroom to your house isn’t usually affordable or practical. As a more realistic solution, consider dividing the room with an open bookcase. Your kids can add books, toys and other personal items to the shelves to add cover.

If the room already has a bookcase or plenty of storage space, you can use a wooden screen to split the room in half instead. A screen will give you the flexibility to open up the space when necessary.

Sign Up to Receive Special Offers

Most furniture stores in Tempe have sales and special offers every week or so. By signing up to receive email alerts about these specials, you can find out when kids bedroom furniture or decor goes on sale and make your move while prices are low.

Usually, you can sign up for these email alerts on the furniture store’s website. Just don’t forget to check your email at least once a week once you sign up!

Create a Comfy Corner

Add a pop of color to your child’s bedroom by creating a small reading or playing nook. All that is required is a rug, an assortment of pillows and maybe a chair. Choose a variety of pillows with different colors and patterns to create a stimulating environment, or go with a specific color scheme to continue the flow of the room. If more than one child is staying in the bedroom, you can also buy pillows in one color for each child.

Final Money-Saving Tip for Kids Bedroom Ideas

As our final money-saving tip, we invite you to shop for kids bedroom furniture and decor at Phoenix Furniture Outlet. Our furniture store offers the lowest prices in the country, and we are always willing to price match if you find another store with a better price. With such high-quality furniture and accessories at such low prices, we are confident you’ll find just what your children’s room needs. To get started, explore our shop today.

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