7 Liquor Storage Ideas for Your Arizona Home

7 Liquor Storage Ideas for Your Arizona Home

Whether you’re an at-home bartender ready to host a party and treat your guests, or you just like to have that post-work cocktail as you wind down from the day, you’re going need somewhere to keep your spirits. Cabinet space may be limited to your dry goods and dishes, so here are seven ways you can store your liquor at home.

Bar Tables

The most straight-forward approach, an at-home bar display is a perfect option because it has space to hold your liquor, glassware and bar tools as well as space to practice your mixology.

Bar tables range from small bars for apartments, such as a side table bar, to larger options that will make you the star of the party behind a professional-looking setup.

Liquor Cabinets

Similar to bar tables in that they provide storage and make for a straight-forward approach to holding your booze, cabinets don’t always have a surface for you to work with. And if they do, they aren’t designed to stand behind and serve drinks.

However, they can hold a large selection and make for a safe place, especially if you can find one that locks up to keep out the little ones.

Bar Cart

With various shapes and sizes, a bar cart is a fun way to display and store your liquor while maintaining flexibility for smaller spaces and allowing for you to move your alcohol to where the party is.

From smaller serving carts for when you have a set drink in mind to full-sized kitchen islands on wheels to carry a full selection, the options are plentiful. Tray tables are another reliable, portable option to display your alcohol selection during the right occasion when you need the extra space.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

If you’re looking for some hidden liquor storage, hide it in plain sight! You may not want to use your office desk as to not impact your productivity, but a bookcase or an end table with a closed off compartment could be the perfect spot to hold your favorite rye.

Ottomans and coffee tables with storage are two more unsuspecting and out-of-sight places to keep your liquor. Our Milbank Coffee Table, for example, offers an entire chest’s worth of hidden storage space.

Display Benches and Counter Height Tables

If keeping your liquor hidden isn’t an issue, consider displaying your liquor selection on a nice open table or display bench. These options keep your alcohol easily accessible while also contributing unique style and character to your space. They also look great in breakfast nooks, as well as empty corners in large living rooms.

Mounted Display Shelf

This option is perfect if you want to display your liquor proudly, or if you just want try out some different liquor shelf ideas to add flair to the decor on your wall. Shelving with multiple levels also makes for a great way to organize your vodkas, gins, rums, whiskeys, tequilas and other spirits. On top of that, the height will keep your liquor out of reach of children.


A hutch is a great display case for anything, especially your spirit selection. Hutches tend to be big and bulky, but they make for a beautiful, eye-catching display in your living room. Due to their large size, a hutch is the perfect option if you have a lot of liquor to store as well as glassware, cocktail recipe books and complimentary snacks.

No matter how much liquor you need to store or how often you plan on enjoying it, one of these liquor storage options can fit your particular needs. By taking advantage of these liquor storage ideas, you can keep all of your alcohol in one place and ensure that it doesn’t get lost or forgotten. For more liquor storage ideas, explore Phoenix Furniture Outlet’s huge selection of liquor storage furniture online. Whether you decide that you need a bar table, display shelf, liquor cabinet, or hutch, we can provide you with options for your Arizona home.

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