9 Living Room Decoration Ideas For Homeowners on a Budget

Living Room Decor Ideas on a Budget - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

Most of the living room decorating ideas you’ll find online these days require a great deal of investment. At Phoenix Furniture Outlet, we know that there are ways to use affordable living room furniture and budget-friendly living room decor ideas to create an attractive yet inexpensive living room space. To prove it, we’ve outlined some of our favorite living room decorating ideas below.

Go Bold with a Statement Piece

A simple way to create an interesting dynamic in a room is by adding a bold piece. Consider adding a large clock, a flamboyant piece of wall art or a jazzy lamp. If you are going for a more rustic look or a calmer bold, add an old-fashioned or weathered element, such as an accent table, accent rack or a screen.

Exhibit Collectibles You Already Own

Show off family heirlooms or collectibles by displaying them in an accent cabinet. By doing so, you can add two new elements to the living room as well as a new and unique focal point. If you’re not interested in an accent cabinet, consider using an affordable bookcase. The bookcase can double as a place for your collectibles and books, and it may be more affordable than an accent cabinet.

Change the Ambiance with Different Lighting

The simplest way to alter the feel of an entire living room is by changing the lighting. For a low-light setting, or to simply add some elegance, consider adding candles. Out of all our living room decor ideas ideas on a budget, candles are one of the most affordable. As an added bonus, candles will add a new scent to the space.

If you’d rather have a living room that is bright and inviting, purchase a few lamps from an affordable outlet furniture store in Tempe and position them in each corner of the room.

The extra shine of a fixture will definitely help brighten up the room and create a new focal point.

If you don’t want to purchase additional lighting fixture, consider adding mirrors to spread the light that is already available. Due to their wide availability and noticeable impact, mirrors are a great solution if you are looking for living room wall decor ideas on a budget.

Layer Rugs

If you can’t afford to buy new furniture to fill up the empty spaces in your living room, you may want to consider increasing your use of rugs. By placing multiple rugs throughout your living room, you can add more color and/or texture to the space.

Consider adding two different-color small rugs on top of a large rug for even more color and a more varied color scheme. When it is time for a change, simply switch out one (or more) of the rugs.

Mix Textures and Patterns

To add a creative feel to your living space without purchasing expensive artwork, find different types of pillows and cushions that can dress up your sofa and chairs. Pillows and cushions are often less expensive than affordable living room furniture and accents, and they can add a new level of comfort to your living room.

Choose pillows that add a pleasing pop of color to the room, such as yellow or bright blue. If you want to keep your color scheme rather mute, focus on finding pillows that feature different textures.

Add Natural Textures

Incorporating natural textures into your living room can make it feel more comfortable and alive. And because most people can’t tell if wood or weathered furniture is brand new or 5-years-old, you won’t need to buy the newest or most expensive furniture to accomplish this.

You can even use simple and affordable wooden picture frames to add natural textures to your room. Wall art framed with weathered-looking material can add a rustic but decorative feel as well, which is why it is one of our most favorite living room wall decor ideas.

Create a Gallery

Showcasing art on every wall of your home can become expensive and challenging. Instead, use one wall as the main display so that you can save some money while also creating a focal point. You can fill the wall with any form of wall art such as pictures, paintings, framed posters and metal art.

If you decide to feature framed photos only, one option is to choose photos with uniformity to add a sense of calmness to the room. Another option is to use a different variety of wall art to create an eye-catching wall that makes the room feel more alive.

Go Eclectic

This tip isn’t for everyone, but it can lead to an interesting and unforgettable space. Simply put, add different bright and creative pieces all in one space to create a fun-looking environment. For example, you could purchase a multi-colored lamp that hovers over an accent table covered in intricately designed vases. To avoid a living room faux pas, stick to some kind of theme or color scheme.

Create a Nook or Storage Area

If you have a large empty space in your living room but can’t afford to buy more furniture, consider filling it with a wooden or decorative folding screen. You can use the hidden side of the screen to store personal items such as electronics, boxes, or even a bicycle that you want to keep out of the Arizona heat. As an alternative option, you can place a small, inexpensive desk behind the screen to create a private work area.

To find all that you need to make these living room decor ideas come to life on a budget, start exploring our website and products today. Phoenix Furniture Outlet offers the lowest prices as well as free delivery to make your shopping experience affordable and hassle-free. And, if you need to return your purchase for any reason, we have an exceptional return policy.

If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team would love to help you find what you need so that you can create the living room you’ve always wanted at a price you can afford.

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