Game Tables & Chairs

Whether you’re shopping for game room furniture, or looking for a table that can handle anything from a friendly game of chess to a lively poker night, Phoenix Furniture Outlet has a wide assortment of game tables and accent furniture for sale at our furniture store in Tempe.

Find the Best Board Game Tables in Tempe, AZ

A board game table should be large enough to handle anything from a quiet game of chess to a rousing party game. It should provide enough space for a game board, with enough space to hold a glass or small plate of food. Of course, gaming tables should also blend in with your current home decor.

At Phoenix Furniture Outlet, we carry a variety of gaming tables in different shapes, sizes, and finishes. You can find the following styles and more on our website.

Small Board Game Tables

These smaller game tables are designed for checkers, chess, or perhaps an intimate game of cards. When choosing a table of this size, also consider whether or not you’ll need seating.

  • Gwennan: The elegant Gwennan game table is made from distressed mahogany wood and with a checkerboard tabletop and waxed driftwood finish. It’s small enough to put against a wall or in a corner when not in use, without getting in the way.
  • Fineas: Our Fineas game table is handcrafted from mahogany and features a rich, red-toned mahogany finish. With its built-in checkerboard, this table also comes with two drawers to store game pieces and pads to keep score.

Card and Board Game Table and Chairs

You’ll want to think bigger when choosing game tables for card or board games. As these games tend to attract more players, you’ll want styles that sit several people at a time.

  • Portia: The multifunctional Portia game table can be used for both gaming and dining.  Dine using the flat surface, or flip it over for a gaming table complete with cup holders!
  • Mitchell: The Mitchell oak dining table takes you from eating to poker. Dine on the flat oak surface or flip it over for a felt card table with built-in cup holders.
  • Raelle: The convertible Raelle dining table has a slab top that is easily removed for dining. When gaming, it features chip storage and places to hold cups.

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Explore our complete game table collection online, or drop by Phoenix Furniture Outlet in Tempe so you can see some of our game tables and chairs in person.

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