Adding a rug to a room infuses color, pattern and a sense of texture to the area. It also serves to protect the floors and absorb noise. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder why these accent pieces are a popular purchase for Arizona homes.

Find The Best Rugs in Tempe, AZ

At Phoenix Furniture Outlet, we have multiple rugs for sale in a variety of colors, sizes, materials and shapes. Very few places in Arizona carry as great a rug selection as our Tempe furniture store, making it the top spot to visit for a new rug.

Our current selection of rugs includes:

  • Area rugs
  • Outdoor rugs
  • Round rugs
  • Bathroom rugs
  • Runner rugs

We carry brands such as Ashley, Kalora, Furniture of America, Zuo and many more in colors ranging from beige to bright reds and oranges. We also have patterned and striped rugs. Discount rugs are also available to customers who are Phoenix Furniture Outlet members.

Tips for Buying a Rug

A rug creates a big impact in any room, so it should be picked out carefully. Here are some valuable tips to find the right rug for your room.

  • Size: Before purchasing a rug it’s important to know how much space you have for the rug and what sizes work with the style you’re trying to create in the room. For example, smaller rugs in the center of the living room can draw a focal point while larger area rugs can create a cohesive look.
  • Location: We always recommend that rugs be grounded by at least one piece of furniture. Choose a rug that matches the piece of furniture that will be holding it in place to create a pleasing pair.
  • Material: Different rugs require different care. Before buying your next rug, research common rug materials and what kind of care they need. It is a good idea to choose a material that is not too expensive to care for and does not make life more problematic. For example, customers with children should consider avoiding rugs made with materials that stain easily.

Buy Your Next Rug at Phoenix Furniture Outlet

At Phoenix Furniture Outlet, our customers will not only find great products but great services that cater to their needs. We deliver to anywhere in Arizona and have a great return policy in place just in case the rug doesn’t fully satisfy you. Unlike other furniture stores, we also offer no credit check financing so that our customers can complete all their furniture shopping at once.

Once you’re ready to start rug shopping, visit our furniture store in Tempe or take a look at our rug selection. We are confident you will like what you find!