A vanity gives you a beautiful and convenient space to get ready for the day. It not only makes your room that much more elegant, but it can also make you look and feel better. This piece of accent decor can even make your morning routine quicker and more enjoyable.

The right vanity can serve as a sacred space to get ready in the morning that saves you the trouble of fighting over the bathroom. It can also double as storage for all your morning and beauty needs, making it a practical addition to any room. To find the right one, take a look at what we have to offer at Phoenix Furniture Outlet. Our Tempe furniture store conveniently holds many styles and brands of vanities in one place.

Vanities at Phoenix Outlet Furniture

  • Bathroom vanities: These kinds provide an area to get ready within the bathroom and are typically paired with a sink.
  • Makeup vanities:These types of vanities are perfect for a makeup enthusiast. They offer both the room to get ready in the morning as well as ample space to store makeup and accessories. Two of our best sellers are the Zarollina Vanity and the Ashland White Vanity Table, which provide ample surface area and three-way mirrors.
  • Vanity tables: These kinds are simple yet elegant and typically offer little to no storage space. A great example is the Grand Father Two-Piece Vanity Set, which has beautiful, clean lines and no storage space but provides a double layer of surface area.
  • Bedroom vanities:A full bedroom vanity is typically bigger, offers more surface area, and provides more storage areas. Take a look at the Leighton Metallic Mercury Vanity Desk  to see how much it has to offer. This vibrant vanity desk comes with seven drawers and a matching stool.
  • White vanities:These popular options add a classic touch to any room. To see how adding a white vanity can make a look more elegant, consider the Madera White Vanity Table, which offers a resilient appeal and light storage.

Tips for Buying the Perfect Vanity

A vanity can serve multiple uses, and so it’s best to know how you intend to use it before making a purchase decision.

  • Know what room you plan to place it in, and where in the room it will live.
  • Determine how much room you need surface-wise as well as how much room you have available.
  • Know how much storage space you’ll need and what you’ll be storing.

Buy Your Next Vanity at our Tempe Furniture Store

To get a better idea of our selection, please visit our furniture store in Tempe. Our furniture professionals will happily help you choose the ideal vanity for your room. If you don’t live in the area or simply prefer online shopping, browse vanities our website and make your purchase online.

Shopping with us has many benefits that no other Arizona furniture stores can offer, including no credit check financing and delivery all throughout Arizona. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we also offer an excellent return policy.