Arizona homeowners know the importance of finding the right dressers. Practical and stylish, bedroom dressers are a much-needed storage solution in the bedroom where it’s needed most.

Find The Best Dressers in Tempe, AZ

A bedroom dresser gives you a place to tuck clothes out of sight, as well as a surface for toiletries, mirrors and treasured photos. The right dressers go beyond function; they’re also aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, you can find many dressers that check all the boxes at our Tempe furniture store.

What Type of Bedroom Dresser Do I Need?

The type of dresser you use is determined by your needs. Factors for consideration include:

  • The size of your bedroom: In order to select a dresser that fits well in your bedroom, measure the room and available wall space. Include the height from floor to ceiling, and from wall to wall.
  • Amount of space available for one dresser per person in the room: How much space do you need for each individual dresser? For example, you’ll usually need at least two dressers for a master bedroom.
  • The amount of storage needed: If you have large closets in your home, you may not need much drawer space. However, a smaller closet may require a bigger dresser.
  • Bedroom decor: Make sure your dresser matches your bedroom’s style and color scheme.
  • Size and colors of existing bedroom furniture: Choose a finish that matches any existing furniture.

Before you start shopping, it would also be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different types of dressers.

  • Dresser: A standard dresser in generally horizontal in shape and comes with drawers of different shapes and sizes. Most dressers also come with a mirror. The Elkton and Madison dressers and Alver black dresser are great examples of standard dressers.
  • Chest with drawers: Exactly what it sounds like, a chest of drawers is more vertical with drawers of equal size on top of each other. Our natural wood Omni dresser, Lattice 3 drawer white dresser and Francesa model are excellent examples of a standard chest-type dresser.

We carry the above models and more at our Tempe furniture store. Arizona families will also be happy to learn that Phoenix Furniture Outlet carries many of today’s reputable brands:

Shop for Bedroom Dressers at Phoenix Furniture Outlet

You can see all of our high quality dressers on the Phoenix Furniture Outlet website. Checking out all of our models online will give you a good idea what to look for when you’re ready to make a purchase. After browsing our offerings, stop by our Tempe store so we can give you a tour.

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