A home without books is like a museum without treasures. Books offer knowledge, comfort, and amusement – allowing them to bring joy into Arizona homes.

Keeping your books safe, clean and organized on beautiful bookshelves is a great way to display your collection in your living room. At Phoenix Furniture Outlet, we honor the bibliophile and the browser alike with many choices in beautiful bookshelves.

Best Types of Bookshelves in Tempe, AZ

Oscar Wilde once said, “If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” The only way to keep a book available for multiple readings is to protect it on a bookshelf.

As you explore our inventory, you will find many different styles, materials and types of bookshelves:

  • Shelf bookcases: Of course they have shelves, but these eclectic shelf bookcases offer different sized shelf spaces and provide unique ways to arrange not only books, but also artwork and decor.
  • Ladder bookshelves: With the top shelf far smaller than the bottom shelf, a leaning ladder bookshelf is perfect for holding things like artwork, art books, keepsakes and crime novels.
  • Open bookshelf: Light, airy and designed to give a hint of high-tech industrial chic, an open bookshelf waits eagerly to hold all your hardcovers.
  • Corner bookshelf: An ideal way to recapture valuable corner space, this clever piece of furniture sits in a corner and can cradle your volumes of Voltaire or provide a perch for your porcelain.

Bookcase Buying Tips

Most bookcases are designed with weight limits, so plan carefully before purchasing. Will you be storing any heavy items like textbooks, yearbooks or encyclopedias on the shelves? Or will you mainly be storing smaller things like standard sized books, framed photos, and knick-knacks? Keep in mind that some bookcases offer closing doors below and open shelves above, providing additional protection for rare or valuable books.

You should also consider where you plan to put the bookcase in your home. Measure the area and take pictures of surrounding materials, such as wooden furniture, the wall color, or the rug on which the bookcase will sit. Generally, bookcases blend with their surroundings rather than call attention to themselves.

Shop for Bookcases in Tempe Today

Whether you are a dedicated bookworm or simply want to balance your displays of books and artifacts, browse our offerings today. You will love our selection and likely find the exact bookcase you need. And, if for some reason you aren’t 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, we are happy to provide you with a full refund. For more details, or if you have any questions, contact us today.