End Tables

Imagine holding a lamp in your hand as you sit on your sofa. Ridiculous, right? Lamps belong on end tables, where they can shed light over your shoulder as you read, work on your laptop, or watch the next Arizona baseball game on television. End tables by the hundreds are yours for browsing at Phoenix Furniture Outlet, where you can very nearly shop for end tables without end.

Best End Tables in Tempe, Arizona

End tables grace one end or both ends of a sofa, and they provide much-needed storage and style to your living room arrangement. Lamps are an obvious item for end tables, but they can also show off family portraits or hold commonly used items like television remotes.

Though you may be shopping for end tables to fulfill their normal placement, you can also find end tables that will work in bare or random spots around your Arizona home. For example, they can be a great solutions in alcoves, next to chaise lounges, and in offices.

At Phoenix Furniture Outlet in Tempe, shoppers from all over Arizona can find more than 700 end tables in many styles, materials and colors by leading manufacturers, including:

How to Find The Perfect End Table

Whether you shop for a wooden table or even exotic materials like stone, be sure to look for quality construction. End tables are small enough that you can easily turn the floor sample over for close scrutiny.

Also consider whether you want your end tables to blend or to provide a dramatic accent. Take, for example, Phoenix Furniture Outlet’s stunning Fissure Table, which is made of reclaimed teak that is encased with acrylic and accented with clear glass shards. Clearly, this is a provocative accent that can liven up any space.

Be open to new ideas as you browse our website or Tempe showroom. Perhaps nesting end tables are a solution for family game night. Or maybe you need a show-stopper like the amazing Luxe Console Table in stainless steel and teak.

Types of End Tables to Choose From

When choosing an end table, you will also want to consider the ranges of styles and types that are available:

  • Rustic
  • Mid-century modern
  • Glass, metal or wood
  • Low or tall
  • Square, rectangular or round

To narrow down your options, analyze your current furniture pieces and determine what kind of end tables would best complement them. For example, if most of your furniture currently contains dark wooden elements, you will probably want end tables made of dark wood.

Shop for End Tables in Arizona

Whether you need something quiet and calm, or something that truly astounds visitors and family members alike, Phoenix Furniture Outlet is ready to serve you with hundreds of end tables. No matter what items you choose to purchase or where you live in the state of Arizona, we will deliver your furniture to your home within 3-5 business days.