Thanks to their versatility and practicality, futons are a highly desirable furniture item among Arizona residents. Futons have also become more comfortable and durable over the years, making them a cost-effective sofa alternative for your living room.

Best Futons in Tempe, AZ

A comfortable futon spends much of its time disguised as an ordinary sofa, like some kind of furniture superhero. When pressed into service, it can unfold flat to reveal its other identity as a bed. This makes a typical, small futon ideal for small spaces, such as:

  • Apartments
  • Dorm rooms
  • Home office
  • Vacation homes
  • Small first homes

Is your space too tight to have a guest room? Choose a leather futon for the living room and enjoy having overnight guests. Even larger Arizona homes with fully furnished guest bedrooms can benefit from having futons available, such as when they are hosting an overflow of guests during the holidays.

An Array of Futon Options

As Tempe’s premier source for futons, Phoenix Furniture Outlet has more than 150 different futons to choose from, including major brands such as:

Our fabric and upholstery choices are plentiful as well. We offer leather futon sofas, microfiber futons, futons with linen-like fabrics, and many more. You can find futons that feature bright colors like teal and pink, or ones that feature monochrome colors such as white, soft grey and deep black.

Futons today can mimic any style and just about any sofa configuration, like this big, comfy futon couch in elephant skin microfiber. Futon fabrics are designed for long life and easy cleaning, so even brilliant white futons are a practical option.

Make it Last

The first time many people buy a futon is when they move into their college dorm room. In the years following graduation, they come to realize that this futon is also perfect for their first apartment – and eventually, even their first house.

To ensure your futon will last for years to come, make sure to look for sturdy construction. Ask yourself these questions while you shop:

  • How easily does it convert from sofa to sleeper?
  • Will the color stand up over the years?
  • How easy is the fabric to clean?
  • How sturdy are the legs?

Shop Futons at our Tempe Furniture Store

Our team at Phoenix Furniture Outlet invites you to come to our showroom to see firsthand the many futon styles, colors, fabrics and options we have available. If you prefer to shop for furniture online, simply scroll up and click on the items that capture your interest. Each product page will provide you with a thorough description of the product, as well as related items. We wish you the best of luck with your shopping!