Motion Sofas

Motion sofas offer a variety of benefits, making them a wonderful addition to any home. They promote relaxation, improve circulation, and are very versatile, which can’t be said for most of today’s typical sofas.

Find the Best Motion Sofa in Tempe

A motion sofa incorporates either a reclining or tilt-back chair. In a reclining motion sofa, the front rises up to support the legs as the back reclines. In a tilt-back motion sofa, the back tilts but your legs are supported by a separate ottoman.

When choosing a motion sofa, it’s important to consider wall clearance. Many motion sofas take up more room when fully expanded, so they will need to be positioned further away from the wall. However, some other reclining pieces tilt by moving the seat forward, so the back does not strike a wall. By determining how much wall clearance your motion sofa will need in your Arizona home, you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

We also recommend test-sitting each motion sofa for movement and comfort. When doing so, pay attention to how easily it reclines or leans. The best motion sofas require little effort to transform. Additionally, the best motion sofas come equipped with features like cupholders and adjustable headrests, as these add-ons provide optimal comfort and convenience.

Types of Motion Furniture

No matter what type of motion furniture you’re looking for, our Tempe furniture store can likely help you find what you need. At Phoenix Furniture Outlet, our living room furniture inventory includes:

  • Recliners: You can find individual recliners that surprise and delight with their versatility and inviting comfort. Opt for an imposing club chair that includes a footrest.
  • Recliner sectionals: By combining the versatility of a sectional with the ease of a recliner, you can enjoy recliner sectionals in many casual and formal patterns and styles.
  • Recliner loveseats: A loveseat is a two-person sofa, and when the sofa reclines, both of you can enjoy comfort and coziness.
  • Rocker chairs: These are perfect for parents who want to rock their newborn baby to sleep, or for those who need a stimulating place to read. Most of our rocker chairs swivel as well.

Motion Furniture at Phoenix Furniture Outlet

As you explore our different types of motion furniture, you will be delighted by the options available to you. For every type of motion furniture we offer, we also provide a variety of:

  • Brands: Ashley, Furniture of America, Classic Home, and many more.
  • Fabrics: Leather is very popular in motion furniture, but sturdy cloth fabrics are available, too.
  • Styles: Some motion furniture cleverly disguises its reclining ability by taking on the formal appearance of conventional living room furniture; others, like sectional sofas with recliners, are clearly built for complete relaxation.
  • Colors: Muted and dark earth tones are most common at our Tempe furniture store, but we also offer lighter tones.

Whatever motion sofa you choose, Phoenix Furniture Outlet can deliver your selection to your home on a schedule that works for you.

Explore our Furniture Store

When you are ready to explore the many choices, brands, fabrics and designs available in motion sofas, please visit Phoenix Furniture Outlet in Tempe or shop our online furniture store today. Browsing through all of our reclining sofas could be the most relaxing shopping you will ever do.