After a long day at work, nothing is better than coming home and leaning back in a comfortable recliner. If you don’t yet have this soothing, inviting piece of furniture in your home, the best place to find recliners in the Valley of the Sun is Phoenix Furniture Outlet.

Find The Best Recliners in Tempe

For high-quality, affordably priced recliners, you can begin and end your search at Phoenix Furniture Outlet. We stock many brands and types in just about every color. Additionally, we personally deliver any recliner to your home quickly so you can get on with important power naps or comfortably watching your favorite TV shows.

Some of the exceptional brands we offer include:

Our inventory also features many types of recliners:

  • Power rocker recliners: Offers a one-touch power control to put the chair in adjustable positions, and is capable of rocking.
  • Swivel recliners: Easily turn so that you can shift your focus and see what’s happening around you without much effort.
  • Swivel rocker recliners: Swivels, rocks and reclines for indulgent comfort.
  • Power recliners: Easily adjusts with a press of a button.
  • Zero wall recliner: Can be positioned against a wall and still offer full reclining comfort.

Tips for Buying a Recliner

To make your recliner buying experience as easy and positive as possible, ensure that you make the right purchase the first time around. Here is a simple three-point guide to follow to help you choose the perfect recliner:

  1. Placement: A recliner is usually considered casual furniture that looks best in a family room or recreation room. For a living room, look for something that is a little more formal, like a high leg recliner.
  2. Price: You have no excuse to skimp on comfort when Phoenix Furniture Outlet stocks more than 400 recliners in a wide price range. Considering how much use your recliner will get, stretch your budget to afford a high-quality item that will provide optimal comfort and last longer.
  3. Physique: Consider your body type. Are you a big, muscular person, or a shorter person whose legs will not reach the floor in a large recliner? Before buying a recliner, ensure it matches your height, since recliners do come in a variety of sizes.

After determining your price range and where you intend to do your power-napping, test out recliners to see if the material (fabric, leather or synthetic leather) feels comfortable against your skin. See if your arms feel fully supported, and if the controls are positioned well for your reach.

Also pay attention to where the foot support falls, since it can become irritating if it cuts into your calves (if this is the case, choose a smaller recliner). Take your time and relax in each recliner you test.

Shop Recliners in Tempe Today at Phoenix Furniture Outlet

For some of the most comfortable shopping you will ever do, come down to Phoenix Furniture Outlet to test and compare all our recliner chairs. With more than 400 to choose from, you will find the one perfect for your budget and style, even if you have to take a moment to relax in every one to find it.