Theater Seating

When you add home theater seating to your Phoenix home, every movie and show you and your family watch will be significantly more enjoyable. Begin your search for the perfect home theater seats at Phoenix Furniture Outlet, where we can help you choose from many luxurious and comfortable options.

Find the Best Home Theater Seating in Tempe

Phoenix Furniture Outlet is nearly the only furniture store in Tempe to carry a high-quality selection of home theater seating. You can choose from multiple configurations by Acme and other respected manufacturers including Furniture of America, Coaster and more. When the furniture makers we work with offer home theater seating, we can get it at great prices for our customers.

Before You Buy Home Theater Furniture

Home theater seating can be arranged several ways. In some Arizona homes, you can even find multi-level theater rooms with two or three rows of comfortable, indulgent seating for family and friends. Other Arizona residents choose to make a semicircular arrangement in one end of a family room so that up to six film fans can watch together.

So before you select your home theater seating, consider where you plan to arrange it and how much space there is available for it. This will enable you to make a more practical and appropriate purchase decision.

Other Factors to Consider

When buying home theater seating, Phoenix entertainment moguls should give some thought to the design, size and layout of their personal media empire.

  • Will your seating be used for family and friends? If so, consider investing in a large, expansive set like the Acme Spokane. Perhaps you want something more intimate that allows two film fans to snuggle? The Acme Nicholas loveseat grouping is ideal.
  • If you have multiple levels, all viewers can enjoy their own reclining seat, cup holder and storage arms with the Acme Clico. Two sets of the Clico provide stylish seating for six.
  • Visualizing the layout of your home theater seating may be difficult. If you already have your television and sound system installed, use dining room chairs to temporarily arrange your ideal seating and then visit Phoenix Furniture Outlet to compare our arrangements.
  • Consider installation of the furniture as well, since some home theater seating can require special assembly instructions. You may be able to assemble pieces and leave out a console or curved section for a different layout.

Visit our Tempe Furniture Store

The best way to appreciate the possibilities – and discover the true star of your Phoenix movie room or family room – is to visit Phoenix Furniture Outlet today. We invite you to sit down, recline and explore all the arrangements of Acme home theater seating that we have in stock today.