Which Sofa Material is Right For Me?

Which Sofa Material is Right For Me? - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

When it comes to the best material for sofas, there is no one right answer. The material that works great for your neighbor down the street may not work well for you. And because there are plenty of sofa materials to choose from, it is worth taking some time to review all the options before settling down on a sofa fabric type.

To increase your chances of buying the perfect sofa for your Arizona home, keep the following in mind about these different sofa materials:


Blue Microfiber Split Back Tufted Sofa Bed - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

Cotton fabrics are soft and comfortable, as well as strong and durable. They accept dye easily and create an eye-catching piece of furniture. However, cotton can show its age in high-traffic rooms. The more people sit on it, the more likely it is that wear spots will develop. Moreover, the dye can fade if the sofa is placed in a room with lots of sunlight.

With those key traits in mind, cotton fabrics are best used in sitting rooms, home offices or basement areas where they can be used, but not overused or exposed to too much light. The exception is if it is a cotton/polyester blend, as these are designed to stand up to stains, sunlight and even marathon movie sessions.


A leather sectional sofa is a status symbol that is sure to be noticed and enjoyed by the whole family. The soft, supple leather cushions provide superior comfort and relaxation. Stains and spills can also be easily cleaned from dark colored leather sofas, but unprotected light-colored sofas can be susceptible to staining from dark liquids such as coffee or soda.

Also, keep in mind that this material does require some special care. Leather can be easily scuffed up, so you’ll want to avoid having things like belts, shoes, jewelry or pets rubbing against it. The good news is that besides being susceptible to those pesky scuffmarks, leather is very durable and tough.

Faux Leather

Frequently made from polyurethane, faux leather sofas can be produced in a variety of colors, styles and patterns. These kind of sofas are durable and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. As a result, they are low maintenance and have a high UV fade resistance rating – making them perfect for most Arizona homes.

However, keep in mind that faux leather couches are not as durable as real leather. So if you’re looking for a couch that can support children, pets and guests for years to come, it may be best to opt for leather.


Leather Sectional Sofa & Ottoman - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

Microfiber is a relatively new sofa fabric type that is made from tiny polyester fibers. These fibers create a durable and ultra-soft fabric that doesn’t easily absorb liquids such as sweat, juice and soda.

It’s also worth nothing that the tight weave of the fabric helps repel dust and dirt, which keeps the sofa looking fresh and vibrant with minimal cleaning and maintenance. These properties make microfiber one of the best materials for sofas and sofa cushions.


Chenille is frequently manufactured from cotton and is one of the softest sofa materials. It can also be made from acrylic, rayon, olefin, wool or silk. The thicker the pile, the softer the fabric is. The tighter the weave, the more durable and long-lasting the fabric.

Because some of the materials used to make chenille fabrics can easily absorb stains, it is crucial to treat the fabric prior to use. This will ensure that dust, oils and liquids won’t become part of the couch’s design.


Acrylic fibers are often used to create a plush, velvety-feeling fabric that is known for being very soft. Thanks to its high comfort level and chic style, it is a wonderful material for sofas.

Of all the different sofa materials, acrylic is one of the most popular for use on sun patios in Phoenix. This is mainly because of the fabric’s high resistance to sun fade, mildew, insects and stains. While they can be used inside the home, they are less popular than sofa materials like vinyl and microfiber.

With so many wonderful sofa fabrics to choose from, the chances that you’ll choose the wrong fabric are slim. Just consider where the sofa will live and how much use it will get, and the right choice should become clear.

If you have any questions about sofa fabrics, our team at Phoenix Furniture Outlet would love to help. Stop by our showroom at 1800 W. Elliot Road in Tempe to meet with our sales associates and to feel the difference between these sofa fabrics for yourself.

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