Southwestern Decorating Ideas for Your Arizona Home

Southwestern Decorating Ideas for Your Arizona Home - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

Whether you made a conscious choice to call Arizona your home, or you ended up here through pure chance and life happenings, you can’t avoid the widespread Southwestern culture and style. It is warm, meaningful, natural and yet still very artistic.

With traditional Mexican elements, Native American influences and hints of the Old West cowboy culture, the Southwest has its own flavor. It is only natural that you would want to embrace these warm and inviting surroundings by implementing their features into your home.

Here are few Southwestern decorating ideas you can use to achieve this theme in your home.

Southwestern Colors

When one imagines the Southwest, images of dusty brown deserts covered in dull green cacti and colorless tumbleweeds automatically come to mind. Yet when you take a moment to really digest the hues that blanket the Southwestern landscape and culture, it is quite beautiful and rich.

Color palettes are deeply connected to the earth, presenting combinations that truly reflect the natural elements in the majestic Southwest. This includes cactus green, rusty reds, light tan, adobe-toned shades, sun-blazing yellow, dusty orange and vibrant turquoise. Dark brown is also an excellent underlying tone that can be used to tie all your accent colors together.

Although this Kya Table Lamp comes in five colors, the green option is an excellent example of a color tone you can add to your Southwestern-style home decor. For a dark brown base item to start your color palette, you can use this Natural Teak Coffee Table With Cast Iron Legs, which has a naturally organic feel and build.


Southwestern Decorating Ideas for Your Arizona Home - Phoenix Furniture Outlet

Southwestern Textures

The textures of the Southwest are synonymous with the rough and tough realities of being out in the Arizona wilderness. Traveling in this vast landscape requires sturdy materials, so it is only natural that these textiles have made their way into the staples that make up Southwestern décor. You will want to include leather or suede upholstery, woven fabrics, faux or natural animal hides, rock elements, petrified wood or metal works such as wrought iron.

The Natural Teak Wood Sculpture on Black Marble and the Natural Teak Wood End Table in our Accessories category are great examples of bringing the natural textures of the desert into the home.

Southwestern Furniture

As mentioned earlier, leather is the main ingredient when selecting couches and sofa chairs for your Southwestern-styled home. When it comes to tables and stands, knotty pine is a popular choice if you are leaning towards wood-based furniture. However, any wood you choose can have a Southwestern flair if you go with a distressed finish or add metal accents. The trick is to stick to the mentioned colors and textures when making your selections.

The Omni Four-Drawer Coffee Table is an example of a reclaimed pine table with a distressed finish we offer. Our Brown Bolton Sofa is also a perfect furniture element that holds true to the Southwestern theme.

Southwestern Accessories

When it comes to accessorizing your home, the more you choose items that look like they were simply found out on hike, the better. In other words, anything too neat or modern may look out of place in a Southwestern setting.

You can also add more color to the earthy tones by purchasing items such as Talavera pottery or sculptures, colorful ceramic pieces or beautiful handworks created in the Native American or Mexican styles. This can include vibrant serapes, dreamcatchers and paintings. Unique geometric patterns in rugs and blankets are also a beautiful way to show appreciation for the surrounding cultures.

Southwestern Plants

Everyone enjoys having at least a few plants in the home, and there are specific ones you can implement in your decor that will stay true to the southwestern theme. Small varieties of cacti dishes are easy to find and maintain. You can also add any of the many species of succulents, including aloe vera and blue agave. A bonus would be to keep the plants in terracotta pots or traditional Native American pottery.

Animal Accents

Southwestern style is also known for giving voice to the many creatures of the desert. When looking at wrought iron works, you will find that horses and lizards are common. You can also use horseshoes, lassos and bull horns as accents, or add a painting of wild horses galloping through a mountainous desert landscape onto your walls.

At Phoenix Furniture Outlet, we have many animal accent decor pieces available. One of our most popular is the Sigrid Decorative Piece, which is a horse head sculpture in a neutral tone; perfect for your Southwestern home.

There are numerous ways you can bring the Southwestern theme to life in your home, which makes it an easy style to emulate. There are also several ways you can personalize many of these Southwestern decorating ideas so that they are unique to your preferences. With these key benefits in mind, it’s no surprise that many Arizonans choose to embrace the Southwestern style. If you choose to do the same, you can rest assured that everyone will love and appreciate your sense of style!

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