What “No Credit Check Financing” Can Do for You

“You don’t just want it, you need it”.

We all know how online furniture shopping goes. It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon at home, you’re sipping on Sangria and you’ve told yourself you’ll only look at furniture, not buy. So the scrolling begins, everything seems painless and fun but then you see it. That cute Crystal Falls Coffee table, that inviting Summon Outdoor Pillow Set or even that bold Barinteen Accent Chair. Suddenly, you remember that your mother-in-law is coming in a month and you know she’d be impressed seeing some new eye-catching furniture in the living room. You don’t just want it, you need it.

Then the questions start rolling in, “What about my credit score? When’s payday? Would I even have enough after I get paid?” We’ve got you covered. Phoenix Furniture Outlet has a no credit check policy. We repeat, no credit check policy. What that means is your credit score won’t affect whether or not you get that Placido High Leg Recliner just in time for the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy or that Cloverdale Office Chair for your hubby, you can. So now all you’ve got to do is wait for payday, or do you? With Phoenix Furniture Outlet, you’re able to do a payment plan at 0% interest for 90 days and those payments can be extended for a whole year. That’s right, a year. Through our QUICK MATCH financing application, we can set you up with the right financial program. Once you submit your information, our furniture financing specialists will explore all  of the financing options and choose the best one given your credit situation. All you need is a checking account and proof of six months employment. Now, go get those Zahra Ottomans for the kids’ room or that stunning Burkesville bookcase. Oh, and don’t forget to do your happy dance.

Are you serious about furniture shopping? Check out Phoenix Furniture Outlet’s online store or our Tempe showroom to view brand name home furnishing products at an unbeatable price.

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